We have so much we are doing to break the vicious struggle of “making it” but we are not doing the most important thing, selling ourselves, well. We do not own our struggles when it matters most. We are not shooting our shots well. Our bull’s eye may not come soon.

Alice Owenjuye

I drove into a road block a few days ago. They stopped us. Mean looking men waved the driver down with sticks longer than a day. Men protecting this nation from its demons. Men who bear cold nights to run after kondos.


I won’t confirm whether what you have heard or hold against Karamoja is the right or not but I am certain it is mythical. It is not a lie but it is also not truth. Think of it as a promise made by a politician to his constituents during the electioneering season; you can only harvest it when it comes to pass.


Uganda is beautiful but I must say it has toilets for cities. All but Mbale. If your eyes do not stray beyond Republic Street. Republic Street is neater than a pin. It isn’t strangled by congestion. Still wears the makeup of 1962 in the face of Indian Merchant Shop Architecture. And might have the most disciplined citizens; my eyes nearly grew sore looking for a bastard footpath on the green.

17:40 Hrs

Independence is beautiful. It gives you a lot. A lot of time to think about home. A home with free food, family and no bills. Independence also gives you an opportunity to eat lots and lots of junk food. Not chips and chicken take-away; Rolex. Rolex stuffed with nyanya mbisi.